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Hello to all. I just want to say straight off the bat that I don't wish to offend anyone, and I'm not finger pointing. I just need some clarification. First off, I feel that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, or lack thereof. However, I don't think anyone should mock what anyone else believes or doesn't believe in. I know not everyone does this, but some people do.
*I've seen a lot of Christianity-bashing on the internet. First off, it's wrong. Why do people, including many atheists, equate atheism with anti-catholocism? There are quite a few religions out there, some more far-fetched than Christianity, but some atheists insist on mocking Christianity. What about Islam and Zaoism? Atheism is the lack of belief in all religion, correct? Hmm.
*Now, is atheism based on the fact that there's no concrete evidence proving the existance of any god or supernatural being? If so, isn't it fair to say that there's no concrete evidence that disproves that there's a god? I think the word Atheist is a strong word and is misused and thrown about too freely.
*What do atheists talk about in communities and in get-togethers? What is there to talk about? If you don't believe in anything, then there's nothing to talk about, right? I know that there could be talk of how it's hard being an Atheist because of discrimination and prejudice. But how the hell do Atheists get caught, so to speak. It's not like you're practicing any rituals or worshipping in public. And there's no official symbol for atheism that you can wear around your neck, is there? If you're in a religion-drenched town, and people knock on your door asking why you didn't come to the church/mosque/temple, then yeah, I understand that you'd be discriminated against. But maybe it'd be best to consider re-locating. No one should have to. They should be able to live where ever they want. And a girl should be able to wear skimpy clothes and walk down a dark alley at night without getting raped. But that's not how the world works. You have to protect yourself. I'm sure I have more to say but I'll leave it at this for now and if I get comments, I'll continue any discussion there. As I said before, I wish not to offend.
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